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(Hellolo everyone!It's been a while since I made a card on here. I decided to give this fan-fiction thing another kick. The first and last one I wrote was back in 2014 and it was a Kuroshitstuji one. I love crack parings and one of my favorites has to be Xuido. This fic is NSFW!) You can kink shame me if you want later.) Kyungsoo is trying a new dish in the dorm's kitchen when Xiumin stops by, as curious and hungry as ever. Kyungsoo tries to remain calm as the elder hyung works his nerves.
Kyungsoo was in the dorm's kitchen. Often times the cook's activity would be making dinner for Exo-k's members, but not today. Two days ago, while leaving a fan event the sub-unit had stopped at a cafe. There were sweets on display and one caught his eye. After getting information from one of the baristas he figured that the kitchen already had all of the needed ingredients. On the day prior he was honestly too exhausted to try the recipe. Kyungsoo was currently located at the island facing the living area. He was snapping the pretzel sticks in half. In the midst of the rhythmic snapping came three sets of footsteps and distinct voices to match. The cook was notorious for his concentration skills so it was no surprise to the trio when they saw that the shorter had not even glanced up to greet them. Tao, Chanyeol, and Xiumin had all walked in and began to head towards the bedrooms, but not before Chanyeol, who like Baekhyun made it his everyday goal to annoy him, leaned over the opposite side of the island and poked his cheek; earning his wrist a slap. After a few laughs and squeals, mostly from Chanyeol, all three disappeared towards the back. Kyungsoo sighed in irritation and relief. A few moments later the chef had laid the snapped pretzel sticks on top of graham crackers and placed those on a baking pan. He was spreading some nutella on top of the combination when the trio began to head back out the door. Chanyeol had his gym bag with him. He teased D.O. "Ya know, if you would stop baking sweets and come to the gym with us men you'd get abs like me." "You don't have abs." He replied callously. Tao playfully punched Chan in the stomach and along with the sounds of foolhardy, girly laughter the couplet left. Xiumin sat atop one of the bar stools in front the island watching his hyung's activities when the left over pretzels caught his eyes. He reached for the bag and began to munch. Kyungsoo picked up the pan and sat it atop the stove and turned on the oven. Beeping filled the room as he set the temperature to 275 degrees. Xiu leaned his head to the side and asked "what are you making?" Kyungsoo looked up for a second in thought then turned towards the pantry. "The cafe called them Nutella Bites," he responded as he reached for the cinnamon and mini marshmallows. Xiumin, now thoroughly curious, hopped off the stool and made his way around to the pan. Kyungsoo bumped him out of the way causing his hyung to jump, but not move too far off. He watched closely as he sprinkled the tawny specks onto the contents on the pan. The close proximity was starting to irritate Kyungsoo. As he worked his elbow continuously bumped into his nearby, unwanted neighbor. Xiumin leaned closer still. He slammed the shaker onto the counter and glared towards the taller, hopping he would get the message. Xiu jumped again in surprise, but still did not move away. His gaze went back towards the unbaked goods sitting on the pan. Feeling defeated, Kyungsoo turned towards the frig and grabbed the whip cream and headed back towards the stove. Again Xiu's attention had turned, this time towards the can of whip cream. He grabbed it from the shorter and sprayed some onto his fingers. By this time Kyungsoo was really irate. He had set the oven too late and now he had to wait for the oven to finish pre-heating. Meanwhile Xiu was licking whip cream off his fingers. The cook sighed again, this time with only irritation. Xiumin, again ignoring Kyungsoo's warning signs, leaned in to peer at the pan. In carelessness his whip cream covered pointer finger had grazed the shorter's cheek, of course the elder didn't notice this. Kyungsoo turned to him, this time in full angry intent to tell him to back off. Xiu, for the third time, jumped at the whip cream on his member's face. "Oh!" He quickly went to whip it off. Kyungsoo glanced at the spray can; Xiu noticed. "Did you want some?" He asked. Not sensing Kyungsoo's aura he lathered some of the white cream onto the shorter's lips. Irate beyond words, Kyungsoo decided not to loose his temper. It really wasn't worth it. Minseok was just really oblivious. He licked the cream off his lips, only to have it replaced with another serving. Xiumin giggled at the display, but he was half distracted by the chef's big, full lips. This time Kyungsoo went to wipe the cream off with his thumb. Xiumin let the titillation of Kyungsoo's cuteness take over and before he knew it he had leaned over to kiss him before his thumb got to his lips.
Kyungsoo jumped back in surprise. Xiumin, upon seeing his face, began to feel tingly again went in for another round, this time the kiss was longer. Both could taste the sweet cream on their lips. Kyungsoo was angry. He was really angry. It was one of those angry moments where one was so angry that they had to be still because if they moved they would either fling themselves out a window or start killing people. Xiumin did not understand this and continued. He licked the remainder of the cream off of Kyungoo's lips and sucked on his bottom lip when he pulled away, causing it to snap back toward it's owner. After an awkward moment of silent glaring from kyungsoo and titillating expectation from Xiumin the shorter finally gained some of his composure. After licking his lips to get any remaining cream and mixed saliva off his lips he started in a serious tone. "Minseok..." "eh...?" He perked happily. "What are you doing..." Xiumin looked around as though the answer was floating somewhere in the room. "IIII don't know." Honestly he didn't. "Oh! Do you want to do it again?" "Minseok!" Said Kyungsoo slightly louder in annoyance. "I don't know! You just looked so cute all of a sudden and I ju-just...I..." He trailed off. "You what?" Kyungsoo was making that face again. That cute little pouty face. Xiumin realized why Kai liked him so much. Everyone else thought this face was terrifying and as for why he didn't understand. He went in for another kiss unable to control himself. Kyungsoo being better prepared leaned backward and gave him a slap. Xiumin backed up and pouted. Not wanting to be deterred again he wrapped the younger into a bear hug and began attacking him with open-mouthed kisses. Kyungsoo was fighting, but in all honesty he was way too small. For a second he thought that going to the gym wasn't such a bad idea. He grunted as his failed attempts to push Xiu away began to tire him out. Xiumin moved down to his neck and that's when all movement from Kyungsoo pretty much ceased. Partly because he was tired and also because it felt good, but he wouldn't admit it. Xiumin worked at his neck like he did his lips, biting and sucking. He tried to traverse down to his collar bone but he couldn't with his shirt in the way. He went to remove it, but pale hands came down to stop his progress. Kyungsoo made his face again. Xiumin looked him in his eyes, at first neither one willing to give in, but due to exasperation Kyungsoo's hands went limp and so his shirt was removed. Xuimin went back to his handiwork. Kyungsoo closed his eyes, tilted his head back and swallowed. Xiu started where he left off at his collar bone and continued his path southward. Eventually he came to a nipple and took it into his mouth. Kyungsoo sucked in some air to keep from moaning and bit his lower lip. Xiu swirled his tongue around the sensitive flesh before playfully biting at it. The chef jumped when he felt the teeth and a muffled grunt escaped his throat. Xiumin repeated the routine on the second nipple before continuing down. He played with his navel once he reached it. At this point Kyungsoo was not as embarrassed or angry and looked down. Xiu looked up, smiled, and pressed his pink lips to his wet navel. "Mmmmm, you know, you kind of taste good." Xiu did not earn a reply, as Kyungsoo continued to stare. After realizing this Xiumin continued southward. Kyungsoo watched as his hyung reached his jeans and continued to hold his breath. He watched in mild displeasure as they, along with his grey underwear, reached the floor. He was exposed and half-hard. He had began to harden once his hyung had went for his nipples and tried like hell to hide it, but there was no stopping it. He was honestly too turned on to ask his elder to stop, but again he would never admit that either. Xiumin grabbed the half-hard member and gazed at it in awe. He had never seen it before and wanted to take it in. Pushing past his embarrassment Kyungsoo swallowed the air in his throat and spoke, but in a shaky voice " What are you doing?" The smile that had never quite left Xui's face wavered in order to be replaced by a surprised face before coming back. In a tiny whisper he answered, "Nothing..." In the next moment he licked the head causing Kyungsoo to shut his eyes and moan in surprise before sucking in air and holding his breath again. "Ahh!" Xiumin slowly engulfed all of the singer's length into his mouth, paying extra attention to the head. He used his tongue to massage the bottom of his member. At this point Kyungsoo had completely failed at remaining quiet and was taking loud, shallow breaths. Xiumin started slowly, using his tongue to massage every part of his fellow member's dick. Then eventually he began to speed up and added his hand to the mix to be sure that Kyungsoo would feel maximum pleasure. Saliva began to drip down Xiu's chin and the constant movement was causing him to moan. Kyungsoo had one hand on Xiumin's shoulder and the other on the counter. He closed his lips but allowed his moans to escape. His hips began to rock, coming to meet Xiumin's lips half way. He was beginning to sweat and his damp hair was slapping his forehead and his perky backside was slapping against the kitchen drawers. Along with Xiumin's and Kyungsoo's moaning there was the slick, sticky sound of occasional slurping and Xiu's spit covered hand working up and down Kyungoo's length. Xiumin had originally had his left hand on the cabinet and had now moved it to the back of Kyungsoo's left thigh. Saliva continued to trail down his hand and wrist. It reached his elbow and began to form a puddle on the floor. Kyungsoo kept his eyes shut and tilted his head down. He began to pant unevenly before letting out one fell scream and throwing his head back as he came. He immediately ceased his hip thrusts upon release. Xiumin, who had been pumping vigorously, began to slow down and eventually pulled all the way back as his mouth was filled with the warm, sticky fluid. He opened his mouth and sighed without swallowing. Kyungsoo, upon opening his eyes witnessed this and was half revolted and turned on at the sight of seeing his milky white fluids in his hyung's mouth. Xiumin closed his mouth and swallowed while Kyungsoo continued to pant. Beeping filled the room as the oven finally reached 275 degrees.
(X< Sorry guys! I meant to make it an entire sex scene, but it ended up being a one sided thing. ((random writer's block attack)) If you want a part 2 just let me know. I think Minseok deserves a turn. And if you want the recipe for the 'Nutella bites' I can put it down in the comments.)