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Dating is complicated.

That's nothing new. It's been that way for centuries, but it's also what you make it. While many believe that technology has ruined the true meaning behind dating. The video below compares dating in the 90's to present day dating.
While both parties have accurate rebuttals, as a devout 90's baby -- I will have to agree and say that dating was so much more natural back in the day [from what I've seen second hand]. Check out the video below and leave a comment explaining whether dating was easier then or now.

Do you think dating was easier in the 90s or has present day technology made it easier now?

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Lol 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 that part was hilarious! I didn't catch on at first @mchlyang
I love the ability to communicate, but I do appreciate the ability to learn about someone through time!! I try to combine the best of both worlds!
I think combining both is a great way to go about it! @nicolejb
that video was funny but like you said @jordanhamilton you gotta combine both cause it isnt as easy as it was in the 90's plus the internet made it more accessible to find people but also more difficult to connect with people but either way its just different time eras so your right @nicolejb
The video was hilarious!! And you're totally right. Definitely have to combine the two @GifordPaul