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I can be a real sad guy sometimes. More times than I'd like, really. When I get sad, though, my partner always knows how to cheer me up again, make me laugh again. They know the protocol for my sad days.
This here is a little webcomic I came across which pretty accurately describes the process for making a sad person less sad.
I did not create this art and take no ownership! I'm not sure who the artist is.
I've sushi'd my kid every time he was sick. (Technically he's more of a burrito guy) I'd think that counts after 15 year so of doing so. lol Don't underestimate a parent! Bwuahaha. No, but seriously, most of the girls/guys I dated really didn't like that sort of thing. They preferred food, intimacy and just sleeping it off over being sushi'd. Though I do have a best friend that would be all over this post if she were on Vingle. (She's like my twin >_< and spoiled to boot. Probably partially my I'm a sucker for her pouting.) @InVinsybll
also acceptable: little burrito!
Haha. This was cute. Most the females or males I know would punch someone if they tried this method of coddling with them. But I can certainly see it working on some sad friends.
This made me smile
Sushi, burritos, which ever one, this made me smile. Food for everyone, mew!
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