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Look at this adorable pair! Meet two best friends who are different animal species (which are my favorite kind of animals stories)!

It's time to meet Rosie and Lilo!

Meet Rosie.

Rosie, a kitten, was discovered abandoned on a Los Angeles street. The family that rescued Rosie (along with her three siblings) decided to pair her with one of their pet huskies, Lilo. The family thought the animal pairing would help Rosie grow and become healthy again.

Rosie now thinks she is a dog.

Rosie has now adopted a lot of Lilo's habits, including stealing dog food and going on walks with the rest of the dogs. Rosie and Lilo also play fight and have become best friends. And their friendship has taken the Internet by storm. Lilo's Instagram page has about 220,000 followers where you can find lots of evidence of Rosie and Lilo's friendship.

Yet another animal pairing that makes my heart melt!

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This makes my heart melt too!