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In honor of Today, Lee Jin-Ki will be the main subject of my card.

Who all loves Onew?? I know I do!!

Let's look at the progression of our adorable bean.


➡charming, ➡sweet ➡adorable ➡handsome ➡and a goof.

He has been under the radar as M.V.B.

《Most Valuable Bias》

Try not to fall in love with him, I dare you! It's Okay Onew, I would have fallen sooner if I tried to dance.
Again to highlight great things about Onew:

here's proof he could save you from danger!

He looks sweet and innocent, but inside of that sweet face lies a ttakbam king.

Manly? Very!

♢ I mean I don't know about you, but I'd like protection from man eating walnuts.

His Smile IS an instant mood changer.

He's a walking meme. Literally his memes are life.

The question For today is:

I want to know what your Favorite memes are of Onew?

Don't forget to tag me! I'd love to see your cards!
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he's awsome
@Tigerlily84 Yeasss!! ♡♡♡ He's precious!
😻😻😻😻 pretty much sums it up lol
@AimeeH Onew is just killing me in DOTS.
@AimeeH yesss he is theee besttt one of my top favorites 2 i love Onew oppa ❤❤😙😙😙
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