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BoyxBoy ReaderXIdol Semi Smut Cursing

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Deep emotion semi violence Comedy Enter at your own pleasure (^...^)


its a story of IKon bobby and b.I but there a twist... YOUR INVOLVED! :you guys are high school student in your senior year. some part might have smut some won't I'll give you a warning. Part 2
It wasn't supposed to be like this.


None of this would have happened if you weren't so nosy!



You were supposed to accept me!

So why are you walking away from me!



Why aren’t you looking at me!

YOU SAID YOU'D ACCEPT ME FOR ME! Please....don't leave me....


When I was 7 years old, my happy family shattered into pieces and what I saw as my sanctuary became a broken home filled with lies and betrayal. It was all because of him that we ended up this way, all because of his selfish needs. I remember one day when my mother and father were arguing. something shot like an arrow right through my mother heart something that not only break her but damaged her, No damage all of us; His words pierced right toward us. "Where have you been? Why are you coming home so late? Why are you always leaving so early in the morning?" My mother voice shook. “I’m working woman in order to feed this family and pay bills" My father glared at her as he responded harshly, causing tears to stream down her cheeks. "Who is it?" my mother asks him as she struggled to get the words out. "Not this again, go and get dinner started already woman I'm starving I don't have time for this nonsense again!" he shoved my mother aside. She grabs a hold of his arm but he yanked it away, pushing her a side. "I received a call today!...." she pause as she took a deep breath trying not to break down "they told me about you...and her" my father stopped were he was and turn around to look at my mother who was on the verge of tears "They told me what you've been doing...and her name" she voice weakened "I saw you with her today too you embrace her in your arms and stared into her eyes so lovingly just like you once did to me!" she broke as tears escaped her eyes. but what hurt my mother more was the fact that My father did not deny any of it instead he only stares at her with pitiful eyes and disgraceful look upon his face. No sympathy or empathy was given from his expression no regret was show not a single apology left his lips nothing that could help her fill in the void only pain and shattering loving memories. "Why her? why not me " she grasp for air after each cry "Because!" he snaps "She understand me and I love her more than I've ever loved anyone in my life She Make me feel wanted!" my father shouted as his voice trembled. At that moment my oldest sister ran over to him with an expression that was filled with agonizing pain and sorrow and tears falling rapidly down her cheeks. My father tried to calm her down as he reach out his arms towards her But she only shoved him away, that when he felt the regret eat him up as he watched her cry out "Why?! Why did you do this to us!? Why?" she asked desperately hoping for a lie hoping it was all just a mess up joke. "Princess I'm sorry" he tried to stroke her hair out of her face but she smack his hand away as she shouted with sorrow "fuck you! Don't touch me i hate you!" "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you princess." he tears up "I'm not your fucking princess your not my fucking father!" she cringed her teeth as she tried to bite back her cry. " WHY DIDN'T YOU BREAK THIS FAMILY APART? YOU WHERE MY HERO!! WHY!" my second oldest sister Yeri yelled out as her voice shutter with anger. "baby girl please forgive me" he reach over to her "don't call me! you were suppose to protect us not hurt us! why did you do this to us!" she holler the sound of her throat tightening was heard throw her cracking voice "baby please listen to me" he plead "no fuck you get out go to your other bitch get OUT!" she screeched her knees buckled as she lost most her strength to barely stand. both of my sisters began to push him out the door as they repeatedly crying out to him yelling at him to get out. the sound of their cry was heart breaking to hear and watch. yeri drops to the floor as my mother ran to embrace her my other sister also ran to her. They cried together on the ground painfully embracing each other wish this was all just a nightmare. my father walking away to his car and at that moment i crawled out from under the table and I ran pass my sisters and mother and towards my dad who was getting in his car. "APPA don't leave APPA!" I called out as he drove off the drive through. "APPA PLEASE DON'T GO!" I ran after his car bear footed. "Appa please dont leave me please i need you!! Appa!!" i cried as i tripped hitting the cold crack ground my feets already bleeding. my mother ran after me as she grab a hold of me but i tried to push her away crying and shouting at her to tell him sorry to tell him its a lie to make him come home. for it all just to be a lie, she held me tight as i cried so hard still trying to deny the truth and everything that had just happen. i must have made it harder for my mother that night but I didn't want to accept the fact that the man I once admired would be someone I would grow up hating. But i did i grow older wanting to find him and hurt him because of what he did for all the damaged he caused my family for the pain and for all lost trust we lost., because of him we couldn't love easily, because of him the words I miss you and I love you had no meaning to them anymore. Because he broke us into pieces and left us to rot. Ever since that day my father didn't contact my mother until 5 year later. The reason was because he wanted to sign the divorce papers. Another reason we found out I had a step sister a year younger than me. Apparently he had been seeing that woman ever since before I was born. She will be going to the same middle school as me and she would be having the same classes as me as well. My sister yeri informed me, She overheard my mother on the phone. Apparently he was going to marry his other woman and was moving in somewhere close to our neighborhood. When I found her at school I made a goal to make her life a living hell until she loses everything and everyone dear to her. Just like what her mother did to my family. I'll be taking away the most important people in her life away. "Bobby~ let's go!" "Coming (Y/N)” Starting with him... ☆°~☆°~☆°~☆°~☆°~☆°~☆°~☆°~☆°~☆ Middle school years "Ugh. I don't like it here already" you complained to Bobby "Why not? It’s barely been 3 week since you transferred there" Bobby said as he walks you to your school "yeah i know but I already got targeted by some kid in my class" you whined as you press your forehead onto Bobby shoulder. "Maybe he likes know what they say, when a guy mess with a girl it's because he likes her" Bobby nudge you with his shoulder. "Yeah when your 5 and you both have no idea what liking is yet plus he-"you were cut off by someone who rudely bumped into you and causing you to crash into the Brick walls. "Yah! Watch were your walking" Bobby defense you. "PFST" the boy rolls his eyes as he continues walking. "Yah!-" you stop Bobby from chasing after him. "Don’t bother He not worth our time" you grunt as you hold on to your arm that seem to have blood falling from it and your ankle that might gotten hurt as well. "Aish What the hell, what his deal anyways" Bobby complain as he help you walk. "I don't even know. He has been mistreating me from the start that I transferred to this school." you deeply exhaled as you step slight putting pressure on your hurt ankle. "that him geez and there must be a reason You can't just hate someone for no reason" Bobby babbled on. "yeah that him and I don't know and I don't care.” you shrugged your shoulders. "Yeah, just ignore him He’ll eventually stop" "Yeah. Hopefully" you said half heartedly. But B.I never stoppped he only made it worse as he got nearly half the school against you. And it continues ever since until finally you went to high school and he wasn't there to bug you. But still you weren't sure as to why he causes your middle school years a living hell and even turn your friends against you. But you didn't bother to linger around it because it was finally over and now you’re a high school student and you and Bobby finally going to the same school together again! And even better B.I won't be there to ruin your life. You swore to yourself you'll never run into the like of him ever again.
so you thought....
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B.I back story made me cry a fucking ocean
love it thanks so muchhhh @twistedPuppy ❤❤❤👌👌👌
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