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So I am praying fork @BBxGD. I love this awesome Vingle family of mine and I too would like you to add my family mainly my older sister Angela in your prayers. She is 34 and has had Lupus for 20 years of her life and was born with only one kidney that worked. She has two kids who are in their teenage years. She has had a kidney transplant 13 years ago from my other sister Tiffany. At that time I was only 16 and my grandparents felt I was too young to get tested to see if I was a match. But from the age of 10 years old I always told her I would give her my organs if I could. she is the oldest of 8 kids and always like a mother too us. When she had my nephew when I was 11 about to turn 12 and she was on dialysis I told her I would take care of him and be his 2nd mom whenever needed. Then she had my niece four years later and two months later she had a kidney transplant. She takes 16 pills 3 times a day since she has been 14. She has died and been brought back to life 5 times. We just found out her body is rejecting the kidney. I can not begin to imagine what my niece and nephew are feeling. I am going to get tested to see if I will be a match to donate my kidney to her. So all I am asking is that you keep us in my mind and send positive vibes and prayers for a hopefully another miracle and gift of life. I can not imagine a world without my older sister mainly for her children who I love like my own. She has been sick for a long time and that was one of things that has been stressing me out. Sorry this is so long. Thanks for all your love and support my dear Vingle family...
thanks for leaving your sparkle in my life even for a moment. This card is dedicated to @BBxGD for encouragement and all those who need it including me..
I will send you all the positive energy I have to help you and your family get through this. Just know that we are all here for you and I will most definitely be here to support you! Hwaiting!! 💖💖💖💖
I will add your sister to my prayer list right now. I'm praying for her and you! And still praying for @BBxGD too.
Ahhh, Veronica! :( The biggest hugs to the both of you.
prayers sent your way unnie
We have enough love, hugs, prayers and support to go around. I'm sending my love and faith and positive vibes your way. FIGHTING!!!
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