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Warning! This may be triggering: Part 1 Mystery member POV: KNOCK KNOCK 'Who could that be?' Getting up I look at the clock '12:30' "What's wrong, baby?" Elizabeth mumbled half asleep. "Nothing, I'll be right back." Something told me to ignore the knocking on the door but what if it was something important? As quietly as I could I walked down to the living room. "Who is it?" -No answer- "Hello?" KNOCK! KNOCK! 'Really? Can't even answer me? Whatever.' I opened the door just to see Y/N standing there with her hands behind her back. She was wearing all black, her hair covering half her face and a hood up. Her eyes were puffy and red. 'I did this to her... didn't I?' "Hello." she barely whispered snapping me out of my daze. "Hi, Y/N. What do you need?" I slightly smiled trying to show her I honestly cared. If I did this to her, I should help her move on, you know? "I just have something to do, I promise I'll be quick." A sickening grin formed on her face. Before I could react, she covered my face with a cloth make no everything go black... * Y/N POV: I did it! I have Elizabeth and 'him' tied up! Yay! Good job Y/N! "Mmm...huh?" "You're awake!" I squealed, "I thought I was gonna have to slap you both awake." I started laughing, this is way to good to be true! "Y/N? What are you doing, you bitch!" Elizabeth screamed. "Well that isn't very nice." I pouted. "Ooo! I have an idea!" I grabbed a knife from my pocket pointing it right at her face. "Why don't I cut off your lips and tongue? That way you can't say mean things like that." "NOOOO!!" She kept screaming over and over. "HELP ME, YOU IDIOT!!" she called to him. "He's too scared, Elizabeth." I said cutting her tongue. She let out a toe curling scream. "SHUT UP!" I yelled. "I'm not done yet! God! Can't you stay still for a few seconds?!?" "Y/N?" he called as I finished cutting of her lips. Tears were streaming down both of their faces. I don't see why, I was hurting more than them. Selfish brats. "Please stop." he begged. "No! Why would I stop?" A smile came to my face. I'm so smart. I started laughing like a madwoman. "If you say so!" I stabbed her throat. Blood splattered all over the room landing on him and me. I could hear her choking on blood as a pulled the knife out. He looked at me horrified. "What? I stopped her pain didn't I?" "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?" he shouted, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? WHY, Y/N, WHY?!" Tears poured out harder than ever from him, but my smile ever faltered, just like it didn't that day. "You know why." I spat. I started getting up heading towards him. "You know exactly what you did to me that day. Don't fuck with me." "Y/N..." he managed to say through sobs, "I'm sorry, I was wrong, but this is not the right way to handle anything." he lifted his head, eyes piercing right through me. "Ah... so you cry over her, but not me." I rolled up my sleeves revealing the scars. "This is what you did to me, well technically I did it but, you get the idea." a brief laugh escaping my lips, "I mean, I almost killed myself because of you. While you were fucking my 'friend' over there," I said using one hand to put up quotations, the other to point at her corpse, "I was thinking of the best way to end it all. But then I thought, why punish myself when I did nothing wrong? Only wrong doers should be punished, not the innocent." By now I was right in front of him, waving the knife around. "Why should I keep you alive?" "I still love you Y/N, I really do. But this, this is just wrong. I'm sorry I hurt you..." "Not what I asked." I cut him off. "Answer me, why should I keep you alive?" "...I'll have to live in silence... after witnessing this...this sight." he jerked his towards Elizabeth's body. "I won't tell anyone if you let me go, Y/N, please... I.." Before he could finish I stuck the knife through his thigh. "AAAAHH!" "Oops!" I said licking the knife clean of his blood. "Not good enough, try again." I smiled. Breathing heavily he said, "Please, please Y/N... AAAAHH!!" "Sorry, my hand slipped and your chest just happened to be there." I said trying not to laugh. "THIS ISN'T FUNNY Y/N!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? YOU SLUT!!" I stopped smiling. "Excuse me?" I replied calmly, pointing knife at his left eye. "I...I'm..." he let out an ear piercing scream before I covered his mouth. "Shut up." unlike last time, my smile refused to show. I was too calm, and I knew he could tell what was going to happen next. "Y/N, please don't... I.... I didn't mean it. Please don't." "Too late, you can't take back everything. When you say something, it becomes etched in memory, never forgotten. When you do something, it stays in history forever. Everything you said and did will forever be in antiquity." I took a deep breath, closing my eyes to shut out everything, every emotion, every memory. As I opened them again I saw all hope fade from his eye. "Y/N... please, we can go back to how we were before Elizabeth. Please... you'll regret this..." Before he could finish I slowly pushed the knife through his throat. He gasped for air as the light in his eye faded. Finally his body fell limp as I untied him from the pole. * I through the bodies on the floor of the warehouse, pouring gasoline all over them. "It shouldn't of been like this. If only you had kept your promise..." I walked away pouring a gasoline trail behind me. once I was out of the warehouse I lit a match. "I always love you, Jimin, you were my everything. You once told me when everything you love hurts you, you have to get rid of it, to help yourself, and that's exactly what I did... You also said don't waste tears on those who don't deserve it. I guess you became on of those people... Goodbye, Jimin." As I finished I threw the match, lighting the gasoline on fire and watched it reach the the warehouse as it exploded in beautiful, dancing flames. *
The End! There you go! What you think of it?? Tagging all those you asked. Do you guys think Y/N will kill more or were Jimin and Elizabeth the first and last? @SindyHernandez @AimeeH @MrsJungHoseok @SofiaFifi @UnnieCakesAli @HerosBells @igotswag @ParkHwaYoung @CindyHolguin @SugaMint @Eliortiz13 @maddiedo @Ain1011 @GreciaFlores
Well I know this isn't good to say when I killed someone but.... Goddamn I'm a badass!!!
can you tag me in all of you future fan fics?? I've been reading them and they are gooooooood!!
Omg that was amazing!!! like she went crazy but amazing writing
@SindyHernandez o! I understand, thx!
it's OK it wasn't a bad uncomfortable tho lol it was a OK or a good uncomfortable if that makes sense lol
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