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According to Mark Hamill? "Of course!"

Mark Hamill's biggest film role to date is Luke Skywalker. Since many of the lines in the original Star Wars trilogy were improvised or altered by the actors, you could say that he's as responsible for the creation of the character as George Lucas. So when people ask him about Luke's sexuality, he's definitely an authority on the subject. And here's what he had to say:
Protip: Your childhood hero doesn't want you to be a homophobe.
Wait for it...

I'm not crying you're crying.

(Okay fine I'm lying and crying).

I will say that when I talk about representation, personally I want to see something tangible. Because so often, heterosexual characters get a happy ending while characters that aren't get at best an ambiguous one, and often one that's incredibly tragic. To say it's depressing is an understatement. But it's comforting to hear that someone I admire is so supportive of his fans. And he brings up an interesting point! The characters ultimately belong to us more than anything else, because we're the ones looking up to them and being inspired by them. And he basically gave us carte blanche to interpret his work in the way that uplifts us the most.

So... let's hear it for Luke?