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I love #roleplay #games #fantasy #adventue, #romance and #excitement Escaping from the real world and been free to let your imagination roam with no or little limit in another place.
Leave behind the cubical of life. Relax and enjoy some fantasy.
Set off to new places or timelines past. Learn about other places and times.
Some times the is almost romance! Helping you build or try social skills, make social connections in another way and feel part of some story.
Some times a little danger and excitement. Stimulate those creative and exhilarating chemical flowing though your body.
But always the unexpected!
Connected by words, placing one foot forwards and setting off to explore a new world or another situation. I open the door and feel the cold as I step out, are you coming with on this adventure?
Yes @nicolejb I guess it's a safe and open community the tends to be quite a lot of bad feeling against ogres, of cause no one says anything too bad around one, but you know if the ogre is taking longer than other to move around just let them ;)
@nicolejb I kind of like d&d but free role playing is more free and creative, each player can influence the story, d&d is really based around well mostly a dungeon and sometimes a dragon or some other threats and a group of people spending a lot of time rolling dice or sitting around waiting for there turn.
What do you use to role play? a game or a character? I feel like I would love it because I love acting. But I've never gotten a chance to get into it!
@mrsmith are there places online to roll-play? I know it's probably not as fun but it could be really cool.
I also heard that it's a very safe and open community, no one is judged because they aren't good or not. it's a learning experience and I love that @mrsmith
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