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Okay, so I'm completely and utterly pissed off. And it was because of a couple of kids in my school.
Alright, so I was in my third period class, which was English, and like I always do, since the interdisciplinary wing of my school is the only part of my school that has A/C while the other 3/4 of my school doesn't and my English class feels like a meat locker to me, I was wearing my B.A.P sweatshirt. Then one of the students in my class told me to look up a song that she likes and listen to it. I did so because I wanted to just have her leave me alone, and after listening to maybe fifteen seconds of the rnb song on YouTube, I exited out of YouTube and said "It's not my style" after she asked why I was turning off the song. Then her and a couple of the other kids in my English class started laughing as I turned back on a song that I was listening to, which was BTS's DOPE.
I also had one earphone in and they continued making fun of me and how I like Kpop. And I've been an insecure little motherf@&$er since fourth grade. And I was starting to feel really REALLY insecure about myself, so I just put my other earphone in and speed walked out of my class, being pissed off since then.
I have ADHD and anxiety, and having insecurities as well, isn't a good mix at all. I really hate alot of the people at my school. And I have also had some trust issues since my past with being a victim of bullying from fourth to tenth grade. I don't need this crap again, especially when I'm going to graduate in June! I just really want to crawl into a ball and cry right now, and I want to punch something! If anyone of you can spare a few words of advice, I would really appreciate it.
In a few years, you will most likely never see these people again and they will never be part of your life. If something makes you happy now then continue with it cause in a few years it won't even matter what people think about you
Thank you all so much, alp your kind words mean alot to me. And I agree with that @CrystalGuerra. But again, thanks so much for your words of advice. 馃槉
its hard to just say 'ignore them' when i know how hard that is but just know that you always have us here!
Don't let people get to you. Them and their negative thoughts or comments don't matter. Some people are just born to be assholes. Always here if you ever want or need to talk
People will always talk not thinking about your happiness. They just wanna watch you fall but don't let that get to you. Show them that you have no time for their BS by ignorance. I know you're insecure but trust me, ignoring the people who are not worth the time, will do you good. :)
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