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What difference do you think it makes?

Since Marvel's been releasing two movies a year plus a few solid seasons of tv, it seems like there are a LOT of new fans. Personally, I think it's great. The more the merrier, right?
But there's definitely a sentiment in some circles (not Vingle!) that if you've only seen the movies, you're not a "true fan". Or if you didn't care about comics until recently. You know what I'm taking about, right? Some fans act like gatekeepers and they'll only let some people in. Are there times when stuff like that does actually matter, or is it time for that attitude to retire?
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I don't think it matters at all. It doesn't matter how long you follow the show or loved a movie or a game or a band or buck. And you can still be a fan if you're not 100% invested in it either. If you like something, then you are a fan.
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@buddyesd true, the thing every fan has in common is that we were all newbies once
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@shannonl5 plus the story arcs that were around when I was a kid have pretty much faded out of memory so everybody that thinks that they are the ultimate fan may are not that different from someone just climbing aboard. not everybody has a complete story
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@buddyesd that's very true, the stories have changed a lot just in the past ten years. Which I think makes sense, the world is changing and the stories are finding new places
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