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Right now I'm having some serious passion project issues. I want to be a writer, I would love nothing more then waking up and sitting down in my living room and writing about anything and everything under the sun. Unfortunately, I need money in order to even afford my current living room and being an unknown writer doesn't exactly pay much. So I have a "real job".
Sound similar right? Your "real job" as oppose to the one you actually want. What's up with that anyway? My 9-5 job is pretty great, and I do love it, especially because it pays the bills, but I am coming home exhausted and totally drained, all thoughts of writing pushed to the side in favor of early nights in bed and aspirin to curb my caffeine detox. So I can't help but wonder, how can I keep my passion alive, how can I unblock my swollen, exhausted head enough to keep my real work at my REAL profession... Writing? I don't want to be the person that has let money buy out my dream.
There isn't a real answer for this problem. Money will always be an issue; but the only great thing about this issues is that keeping your dreams alive is totally and completely up to you. With a jam packed head and exhausted eyelids I continue to write. Some might not be my best work, but I find the time, I make the time. On the commute home, in bed when a quick poem started to form in the muddled thoughts, even when I'm eating dinner! It's going to be hard, but the people who spend their work days loving their job will never, ever say it was easy to get where they are. So I guess for now my new best friends will be coffee and a notebook that can fit in any purse so I'm ready when inspiration will strike again.
It takes a bit of time, believe me and I can see where you're coming from. I have two jobs and not enough time to write down my thoughts except when I arrive home at two in the morning and have to be up by nine. As long as you have an open mind and a notebook and pen, you are doing what you love.
If you really love something, you find time, even if its a few minutes here and a few there, as so much of writing is about creation, its important to continue to create so you some times finish something. So setting achievable goals, even if they are very small is really important, and remember you love it, so take it as a time to relax and enjoy doing something you love.
@Patmanmeow thanks so much i defiantly needed that encouragement today!!!