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Among the Sleep was a game I was absolutely terrified of playing. If you don't know what Among the Sleep is, then I'll quickly describe it. Essentially, it's one of those jumpscare horror games only you play as a toddler and -- from what I've read, anyway -- the narrative deals with childhood trauma.
But it looks like Krillbite Studios (the company responsible for Among the Sleep) are going in a completely different direction with their next game. Mosaic seems to be a game about living a terrible, normal, boring life working in an office.
And something about that shakes my spine a little bit. It hits really close to home for me and because of that, I'm interested in it.
Most games don't put you in the position of being a regular guy. But Mosaic seems to do that. There isn't too much news about the game or what it's above other than the screenshots included in this card. In an interview with Polygon, community and marketing head (Kristina Halverson) of Krillbite Studios said,

"You start to feel like you don't fit in. Then, one day, these strange things start happening."

And isn't that something we all want in our boring day-to-day lives? Don't we want something strange to start happening? Don't we want our lives to be spiced up a little bit? I know I do, at least. I kind of wish that things were a little more spectacular in my daily life and maybe Mosaic will touch upon these feelings that we all have at least once in our lives.
This game sounds pretty interesting but Among the Sleep sounds terrifying...
@poojas yeah i'm honestly still too much of a coward to start playing Among the Sleep, haha