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Who isn't desperate for something like this in their home?! A slide from one floor to the next!
The internet is full of wacky, crazy, awesome ideas. This is just one of them. Of course, you won't find this in the US (that I know of), but instead, the Ukraine. The slide was conceived by Ki Design for this apartment and it's AMAZING!

Who else is desperate for a feature like this?!

And if a water pipe in your wall breaks, it instantly converts into a waterslide!
We would love to have a slide in our house! I think my boyfriend would enjoy it even more than our 3 year old! Lol
I can certainly ask him to take pictures for me next time they leave for the summer home. :) No problem.
NO WAY! @Danse that is too awesome! Do you have pictures?? You should share them on here. :) I'd love to see.
Me and my kid both would be SO up to this. I remember my Uncle had a log cabin/house (summer home thing) built out in the middle of nowhere; and it had an outdoor slide from the guest bedroom balcony to the ground. Now that was awesome. It was one of those spiral ones. xD @marshalledgar And of course the house-boat he owns in Florida when we visit has a slide also.
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