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Please know that this is a spoiler card for the episode of Fairy Tail listed at your own risk.
I was sooo scared for the first and had hoped that she would reveal a secret attack magic to counter-attack Jacob...she did not. Instead something better happened!
An amazing Lucy kick saved the day 😊. At this point I was soo happy to see Lucy in action and battle her first enemy of the arc (Brandish doesn't count as that was hardly a fight). I was ready for Lucy to wow me...but she didn't because something good yet completely crappy happened.
Attention-whore Natsu woke up. Congratulations Natsu, you broke my proud heart that was currently beating for Lucy's skills. I hope you're happy you fire-eating show stealer!
Well anyways how did you guys feel about the chapter?
natsu is a badass and he's mine
@JohnMcCullough That could definitely happen but I hope not. Haha
@Thatperson512 Hopefully but you know how op Natsu is so he might take them both out
I thought it was a good chapter overall,, I agree I wanted to see Lucy fight it out,, however I believe another enemy is on their way to the guild so maybe we'll see a nice 2v2 battle!