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So today's leaders are none other than our Yg leaders Such as Jiyong, CL, Hanbin, Seungyoon, and Tablo ( If I missed anyone sorry!)
Now I personally think Jiyong is one of the greatest leaders ( my non biased opinion) He works extremely hard and look at how far they have came! One of the biggest groups ever.
CL is my girl crush I love her I couldn't find the video I was looking for so I picked my favorite song.
I am seriously ready for her American debut! ♡♡♡♡
Hanbin aka B.I is my personal second favorite leader of all time it was a close call between him and Sunggyu the only reason Sunggyu won is because I liked infinite longer. He has been through so much from such a young age, but he is an amazing leader all of ikon along with other have said so and just watching videos of them you can tell.
I am so proud of Ikon and Hanbin ♡♡♡♡
Seungyoon is another great leader that doesn't get a lot of recognition and I really hate that Innercircle and Ikonic tend not to get along most of the time when Yg is a family I love both Winner and Ikon ( maybe a little ikon biased but still)
I love Tablo so much he is such a great person and great father I seriously can never get enough of him.
I think I might be a little yg biased ♡♡♡
CL still looks amazing without her makeup