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It sometimes seems like the world moves on too quickly. Meer months ago the Syrian Crisis was every major headline across the globe and now this crisis is only discussed during presidential debates or from those who violently protest America lending a helping hand.
Its certainly enough to make the refuge children feel not only unwanted on their own planet, but completely invisible.
However, NowThis created the most moving video of the year (to date) as they teamed up with Care to have WWII refugees send care packages and write letters to the thousands of children who are displaced by war today.
Check out the video below.
It really is beautiful to see the solidarity and the compassion stemming throughout the different generations, races, and religions. People just want to be treated with respect and kids just want to be told they will be safe and that everything will be okay.
We as a country are not doing this enough. So thank you to the WWII refugees who took it upon themselves to make sure the next generation of kids know that they are important.
The guy who became the doctor and told the little kid he can do it. so inspiring to see people come together through shared experiences!
I cried so much watching this :(