Ikon B.I because he is a really good leader and a really good rapper.
monsta x Shownu because he is like the dad in the group and always so shy and quiet
snsd teayeon because she has made her solo album and it was really good too.
exo Suho
BTS rap monster because the group will be a little different without him
last is vixx N
tagging some peeps . . . . . . @Sammie99522 @VatcheeAfandi99 @KpopIsLife16 @ESwee @JiyongLeo @MrsJungHoseok @DestinaByrd @kpopandkimchi tell me if I missed you or if you want too be tagged or not
I love them all 💗
2 years ago·Reply
Love them all it would be different without all of them
2 years ago·Reply