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Fitness beast, Alexander Rendon has the muscular physique that I am looking for. And the killer leggings that I want!
This dude's hamstrings are OUT OF CONTROL! WOW!
Until that day comes, millions of lunges and squats later, this is what I have: a work in progress and some Target leggings I bought for $20.
When I see guys like this killing it at the gym, it just inspires me to go even harder and to keep my journey consistent!
@Alexander_rendon is just one of a few that push me to be and do my best at the gym. Who inspires you to kill it at the gym?

(Sorry for the closeup--wasn't my intention!)

FYI, for all the guys who also want those leggings, I reached out to Alexander Rendon this week and he said they will be available soon on his website. I'll keep you posted!
That guy is hiding a whole turkey in there! His hamstring looks about to explode! By the way, you don't look too bad yourself!
Hahaha @animaniacfreak thanks. yeah, I admire this guy a lot. I keep thinking, one day...ima be like him