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When you're dating outside your culture, it can definitely be a learning experience -- a long with a lot of miscommunication.
Even though we often talk about interracial dating, I think it's important to consider that although two people may share the same skin color, they may have totally different cultural backgrounds. For example, a black person from the Dominican Republic, and a black person from Canada may grow up with two totally different cultural experiences.
Dating outside of my culture, I have realized that various groups may have different love languages, expectations, and certain view on how roles should be played in a relationship. I am currently with someone who comes from a completely different culture than myself. Although I am Latina, I am totally Americanized (and southern with a bit of Brooklyn). It has been a few years since my partner has been in the U.S.A., he has very strong cultural bond to his first home overseas.
One thing we do share in common -- is that family is VERY important to us. Latinos are very loyal to blood, and he shares that same view with me.
Although our communication is pretty awesome, there are some words and phrases I have to explain. And I do try not to use slang too often, because it can be confused or misinterpreted. Concluding this thought, interculturally dating can be fun...but it can also get confusing.

Pros? Cons? Experiences?

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being hkispanic cuban to be exact lol ive dated out my race yes lol im not raist i mean u match well u match well idc about raise or all that
@LaReina yeah, I have dated mostly out of my culture/race!
dating out of culture is good.i'm African American .it really a good thing to date from other culture.some people don't want,they just want same cultural dating.
give me some thought cause this post really got my attention
idk y ppl b rasist or as to post idk why sum ppl believe/demand only same raise mixing ,, its sad to me ,, i feel like as i mentioned b4 if u match well u match well regardless of color beliefs or watever ,, me myself i say/think love n b happy forget wat others say n think if they dont approve or like ,, do wat or who makes u happy lol ,, i never knew love knew color belief race or watever ,, live for u not no 1 else other than ur kids if u had sum u kno ,, i personally love n embrace all cultures ,, u can learn alot from each other too ,, well there ive spoke my mind ... next ,,,,, lol