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Found these with the BTS height charts (: Again, may not be accurate but try to have some fun anyway! ***credit to original owners

**nicknames from pledis17 ♡ *check your height with BTS here!

S.Coups/17's Father

Jeonghan/Eldest Maknae

Joshua/American Hyung

Jun/Mr. Blue Earmuffs

Hoshi/10:10 O'Clock


Woozi/Mr. Fluorescent Sneakers

DK/Mr. Hat

Mingyu/Mr. Wristband

The8/Little 8

Seungkwan/DJ Boo

Vernon/Mr. Headphones

Dino/Maknae On Top

So Carat, can you snuggle into [bias]'s chest???

Or headbutt him as payment for kinda ruining your life? I can't, but we can cuddle~ (●▽<)

Comment below! (:

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@sherrysahar yesssssss I feel you all of them are my bias wrecker's lol
So basically according to this most of these guys could very easily kiss my forehead xD (I'm at 160 so I'm really close to a lot of their lips xD)
AND OMG DINO AND I CAN HAVE STARING CONTESTS! (We are both '99 Liners too so we could totally play around together xD)
couple more inches n I'll be same height as woozi XD I'm only 153cm