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Your height with Seventeen!

Found these with the BTS height charts (: Again, may not be accurate but try to have some fun anyway! ***credit to original owners

**nicknames from pledis17 ♡ *check your height with BTS here!

S.Coups/17's Father

Jeonghan/Eldest Maknae

Joshua/American Hyung

Jun/Mr. Blue Earmuffs

Hoshi/10:10 O'Clock


Woozi/Mr. Fluorescent Sneakers

DK/Mr. Hat

Mingyu/Mr. Wristband

The8/Little 8

Seungkwan/DJ Boo

Vernon/Mr. Headphones

Dino/Maknae On Top

So Carat, can you snuggle into [bias]'s chest???

Or headbutt him as payment for kinda ruining your life? I can't, but we can cuddle~ (●▽<)

Comment below! (:

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@sherrysahar yesssssss I feel you all of them are my bias wrecker's lol
2 years ago·Reply
So basically according to this most of these guys could very easily kiss my forehead xD (I'm at 160 so I'm really close to a lot of their lips xD)
2 years ago·Reply
AND OMG DINO AND I CAN HAVE STARING CONTESTS! (We are both '99 Liners too so we could totally play around together xD)
2 years ago·Reply
couple more inches n I'll be same height as woozi XD I'm only 153cm
2 years ago·Reply