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As if your lips couldn't get any better. Check out these henna-inspired lips by Andrea Reed. You can catch up with the Canadian makeup artist on YT under GirlGreyBeauty and on Insta.
If you've got a steady hand and some henna inspiration on hand, you can create a similar look using the following cosmetics:
Dose of Colors' "Desert Suede" and "Chocolate Wasted" liquid lipsticks.
Brushes: Smith Cosmetics
@marshalledgar it's takes a lot of time to put it on, and the longer you leave it, the best results you get, so just imagine waiting hours to get it dry on your lips, you can't speak or eat!
Wow! That is super cool! I would never try it because I am a perfectionist lol.
I'd love to see the ladies of Vingle tackle this lip! @humairaa @turtleyturtles
This is pretty. There's absolutely no way that I could do this, though. I haven't had a steady hand in over 10 years. But if someone else wanted to do it, in a different color, I'd be down for it!
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