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Hi guys~ Im going to Osaka and Kyoto this May (so excited, I can't even fall asleep yesterday)So if anyone of you have travelled to these places or staying in Japan. Do leave a comment down below that which places I should not leave out and what hidden gems.
And i really need some tips on what kind of clothes should i pack.
Thanks in advance.
@waanderer I was only there for a short trip with my school actually so a lot of it was planned out for me but I'm heading back there soon! Kyoto and Osaka have a pretty great subway system so I'd suggest getting a pay-as-you-go card depending on how long you're there! Also, a lot of things in Osaka are walkable once you're in main area :D
Omg I'm so excited for you! For Kyoto definitely don't miss Kiyomizu-dera (its one of the most famous temples and its STUNNING!) and in Osaka be sure to hit Dotonbori at night to take in the crowd and the lights! Have a great time!
@waanderer all of the advice is excellent. Have a safe and wonderful journey.
@waanderer I'm excited for you! Definitely pack a cute dress for pictures with the cherry blossom trees! I've never been to Japan so I have no travel tips but i have several friends living in Japan. If you want I can ask them for some hot spots! As for clothes, I'm all for denim jacket. It goes with anything. For instance, DJ+ black maxi, DJ + white/black jeans! I also like packing a pair of leggings for traveling on the plane/and or sleeping.
@jordanhamilton Haha hell yes sneakers and boyfriend jeans. Gotta pack some nice clothes haha. Thanks for reminding on the hat, plan to get one just dk which colour or style i should go for
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