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Hi guys~ Im going to Osaka and Kyoto this May (so excited, I can't even fall asleep yesterday)So if anyone of you have travelled to these places or staying in Japan. Do leave a comment down below that which places I should not leave out and what hidden gems.
And i really need some tips on what kind of clothes should i pack.
Thanks in advance.
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@EasternShell Thank you =)
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Omg I'm so excited for you! For Kyoto definitely don't miss Kiyomizu-dera (its one of the most famous temples and its STUNNING!) and in Osaka be sure to hit Dotonbori at night to take in the crowd and the lights! Have a great time!
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@caricakes Thanks <3 haha definitely need to do lots of research before visiting. You been to both places? If yes, can you recommend me is there any passes for transport which is more worth for travellers?
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@waanderer I was only there for a short trip with my school actually so a lot of it was planned out for me but I'm heading back there soon! Kyoto and Osaka have a pretty great subway system so I'd suggest getting a pay-as-you-go card depending on how long you're there! Also, a lot of things in Osaka are walkable once you're in main area :D
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@caricakes Thank you ;) appreciate all the information !
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