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Hello everyone! Today I decided to write my top 10 Kpop leaders. There are alot of great leader out there so this was super hard but I managed. So these are strictly of my opinion so if I offended you or didnt put down who you think should go I'm sorry beforehand but these are of my opinion so feel free to make your own card and tag me!
#10 J.B of Got7! From what I seen he's like the father of the group and ge cares alot about his members.
#9. N of Vixx! Trust me this list was hard to make. He's a good leader dancer and doesn't let his members feel down. He always has there back. Even when Leo can turn evil sometimes he handles it well.
#8 Onew of Shinee! He's a good leader and very supportive of his members when they go solo. He cheers them on.
#7 Suho of Exo! He's a good leader and he does get tease but you can see the members love him.
#6 Sunggyu of Infinite! He's super shy and awkward and loses his temper easily but that what makes him a good leader. He doesn't let that hold him back from helping his group strive.
#5 RapMonster of BTS! He is like the father of the group. He super silly and has the cutest dimples! You can tell how much his members love him. They called him when he was hurt during a fan signing so he could be there with them and hear the support of the fans.
#4 Leeteuk of Super Junior! He's a great leader and silly and always have his members backs. Though he's on leave to the military his members keep driving forward making him proud.
#3 G-Dragon of BigBang! He's a man of many talents and he loves his members, his brothers! After touring for what seems like a year he always has times for fans and his members!
#2 Eric of Shinwha! He is the oldest one on the list and also been in the business the longest. Owns his own company. He loves his members and keeping them together since 1998. Takes a great leader to keep a group together that long!
#1 Bang YongGuk of B.A.P! Though he's my UB I didn't make him number one cause of that. He's talented can rap sing produce and write lyrics. He's a man of many talents. Even though we lost B.A.P for a year. When they came back they came back better then ever and keeping your group together during an emotional and stressful time they still came back as one! Still dominated and made fangirl cheer and swoon. He's number one cause through a difficult time he kept the group together and they continue striving. Doing what They Love! Hoped you enjoyed this card! Make your own if you want. Like I said this top 10 is based off my opinions noone elses. @nikkitty @prettieeEmm @AimeeH @leighholgate @jeppblackmen @JohnEvans @helixx @ARMYStarlight @QueenLee @kpopandkimchi @Morganelisbeth @JiyongLeo @jessicacosta90 @vixenvivi @JessicaEvaristo @MsLoyalHeart @MrsBangYongguk @Choijiah @PrincessUnicorn @AlexErica if I missed anyone feel free to tag them and if you choose not to be tagged let me know.
love your top 10!!
6 of these boys are my biases! 😂 Not to mention Numero Uno!!!!!! So glad Yongguk came in first place! By looking at your profile pic, I would've never guessed it. 😉😁