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If you've always wanted that magazine-quality look, but one that wasn't "over done" or "editorial," then you need to consider this stunning smoky eye look from Canadian makeup artist (that I am currently obsessed with), Andrea Reed, who runs her Insta and YT accounts under the GirlGreyBeauty handles.

Get the look:

Eye shadows from both Anastasia Beverly Hills "Artist" and "Self-Made" palettes.
Highlight is the shade "Pink Champagne."
Pur Cosmetics eye polish in "Velvet" as eye shadow base.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in "Dark Brown"
"Naye0na" from Lashes by Lena
oh no. you girls gave up? @turtleyturtles @dianes6711
Pretty, but I don't think anything can help me with the smokey eye look. I've tried so many times, with so many different colors and brands, and it just doesn't look right! I'm hopeless! Lol.
@marshalledgar And I like reading your cards and conversing with you. 馃槉
hahaha YOu're funny @turtleyturtles. I look forward to seeing your first card. I'm glad you're on Vingle. I like reading your comments on my cards--you're very vocal and I LOVE THAT! :)
Lol! @marshalledgar I joined this site with the plan to stay completely anonymous. Figured that it was going to be mostly kids that were crazy about anime. And, well, there are a great deal of them, for sure! But I've started to dig into the different layers of this site, and I feel like I can be me, and not just this turtle, named Tama, from an anime called Love Hina. Lol. Once I figure out what I wanna talk about, I'll make a card, and be sure to tag you in it!
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