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Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball updates to help everyone prep for their upcoming drafts! Pitching is an overlooked and critical factor in fantasy baseball. Everyone wants to load up on Hitters, but if you can't assemble some type of strong pitching staff, odds are you are toast. There are plenty of famous and popular pitchers many think of when grabbing their first guy. Clayton Kershaw. Felix Hernandez, Zack Grienke.. But one guy that always flys below the radar that dominates every year is Madison Bumgarner.
last year, Madison dominated the league posting a solid stat-line of 18-9 with 234k alongside a 2.93 ERA. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a ACE for you. For the past 3 years I have been in a fantasy keeper league. I get to keep 2 people on my team. You know who I've kept since day one? Kershaw and Bumgarner. Madison is tough as nails. He plays behind a steady offense and goes deep into games, which allows him a great chance to accumulate Ks and wins. While many have him floating in the 40-50 overall range, he's a top 25-30 player at worst in my opinion. What do you think? Is Madison Bumgarner the best pitcher in baseball everyone sweeps under the rug?
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And screw Kershaw
So underrated.
Madison is one of the most underrated guys in baseball in my opinion. Not too many pitchers I would take in a game seven winner takes all situation than him in the league right now
@christopherkenn you really think he's better than Kershaw? Idk.. Numbers may not support That. He's very talented. I would take him over Grienke though
@davidgom no problem brother, more Giants related cards on the way soon!