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Totally crushing on 24 Carrots Catering (Southern California) because of this epic hors d' oeuvre that's been beautifully presented in a jewel-quality oyster shell. You're looking at fried milk topped with a crisp shard of egg yolk, some caviar and fresh petite chives.
STUNNING photo by Joel Eckman Maus of Studio EMP.
One of the (many) benefits of partnering with a caterer for your wedding (or special event) is that they have the power, creativity and desire to make incredible food that looks and tastes epic!
To some, that might seem obvious and hardly a bullet point or benefit. But the truth of the matter is, no one can do what they do so passionately and so well, unless they themselves are a caterer. Point being, if you're struggling to do the food yourself or to delegate that aspect to a friend or relative--someone who is NOT a caterer--then you're going to be left with mediocre food. The styling will be off. The taste will be predictable. The menu will be haphazard. There are a variety of pit falls and mishaps that await the untrained and unprofessional.
This is my pitch to you brides that haven't considered the relevance or importance to hiring a caterer. So many bemoan the cost of a caterer. But I promise you, the cost of not hiring one will be deafening! Trust me--I've been to scores of weddings that didn't prioritize hiring a caterer, and you could see it and taste it.
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