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Yea, I know this is not a job but I still find it funny that she forgot a person was in the car. How do you do that? But with no further waiting... You only had one job!
Does anyone see the irony in this?
Wait.... What the heck is up with that sign? And how did urinal get up there? Guys of Vingle and anyone get make it up there? Lmfao, I know personal question.
How the heck did this happened? Ugh... You're fired! Btw why the heck did the hotel even bother putting up a curtain? I hope they are not renting out that room!
This person is ridiculous! First off why is that on the roof? Second, dude.... Smh. Who does that?!
So... I am assuming that you had no ducks to give today... Seriously, you came to work and said duck it, no one is going to notice!

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One dude could probably stand on the other dude's shoulders to reach that one. Either that or it's a urinal for giraffes.
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My favorite's gotta be the College of Architecture and Planning haha
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haha. that college of Planning is not planning at all. lol
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a place I worked used to have a toilet situation like that. It was in a closet in my slightly larger closet of an office
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@shannonl5 that is wild lol!
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