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Did anyone else follow that whole Go face-off? We shouldn't be so impressed that Google's AlphaGo robot was able to beat the guy. THE ROBOTS ARE GETTING STRONGER!!!!
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@RobertMarsh Omg you're right! Back to the drawing board!
2 years ago·Reply
near the ocean in a corrosive environment preferably on high ground near an active volcano @YumiMiyazaki
2 years ago·Reply
@RobertMarsh Yes! Brilliant. We'll build homes there until we can come up with a plan to defeat them.
2 years ago·Reply
right @YumiMiyazaki we'll build on a steep slope with a wall of some kind
2 years ago·Reply
I hope I'm dead until then.but I do sometimes wonder that what goes up must come down.what if we are at the apex of tech and the downfall of it is not far.
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