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Just a minute ago, another Vingler, @sophiamor, posted this card which led me to the quote world of Tumblr. The quote that she mentioned is one by JD Salinger. It reads, "the main difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy is a liquid."
Definitely read her card to get the context behind the Salinger quote.
But I wanted to share this Unknown quote with you because in my search for other quotables, I found this and it made me smile. Typically it's a random cat video on YT or comedy shenanigans by Alyssa Edwards that actually makes me smile. This time, however, it was a quote. It just spoke to me because of the impossibility of apples growing on mango trees on a day that will never exist--ever!
That's the kind of love that makes me gushy on the inside and gives me hope that there's that kind of love waiting for me out there...
If you have a favorite quote or author of quotes, regarding love, then please share it here with me and everyone else!
This is so cute!! haha quotes like this because they make you pause and think for a second. then comes the inievitable, "ahhhh. I get it now!" haha
Lololol glad you like it too @nicolejb