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Who Else Multitasks In The Shower?
I'm a little nervous as to why the bubbles in this guy's shower are so freaking high. Someone needs to calm down with the body wash.
Omg this is so me! I always wash my car n bike in the shower 馃槀
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Washing my car....that's something that I would've never thought of doing. That just reaches a whole new level in multitasking!
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if someone invented a built in shower computer I'd probably never leave the bathroom.
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LOLOLOLOL @danidee please tag me in stuff like this. IT'S HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!! Drying your hair in the shower! I'm done!!!!!!!
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Hahaha, this is so me. xD I've ate breakfast in the shower. It's not easy. But when you're running late a soggy poptart is the worst of your troubles.
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