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We always want to make our partner (or potential partners) happy, but does that mean we have to change our appearance for them?

My boyfriend likes me without makeup - and that's fine!

But when I'm going to work or just heading out for the day, it's my face and I get to choose how it looks.

(luckily my boyfriend totally respects that!)

Maybe it's your hair or the way you dress. Maybe you feel pressured to wear shorter skirts or to pierce your nose or to stop wearing makeup?

There are so many ways we could change our outward appearance for another, before or after starting a relationship!

In middle school I definitely tried to change my style for a boy I liked and when I got over him I realized I wasn't being true to me.

I wiped off that eye shadow (*shudders*) and vowed to not do something like that again.
(Until, of course, my next crush...unfortunately...)

Have you ever changed the way you present yourself for a significant other or a crush?

I have & I definitely learned my lesson. At the end of the day, my happiness comes first. Take me as I am or have nothing at all 馃拋馃徑
I know a couple of friends who really need this post right now. It's a really nice post @sophiamor
No I haven't I stay the way I am and guys still find me attractive but sadly there not my type but yeah I always stay true to myself 馃榿馃槉馃挄鉁娾湪 #Noonecanchangeme. @Destiny98
Yes and no lol. I made sure i liked what was wearing but also made sure it was attractive some what 馃槀
No. That's why I'm professionally single
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