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Can't get enough of this kimono-esque couture bridal gown from the 2016 Collection by Ashi Studio.
Look at the detail of the hand-stitched crewel embroidery! The crisp elegant silhouette! The smoky lavender shade of purple! The magnificent shirred tulle bodice with plunging neck!
I'm on the verge of a breakdown because of how stunning this bridal gown is!
Gives me chills and takes every breath inside of me away!
Who else is feeling this Ashi Studio design?!
This is absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't wear it at my wedding, but I would consider having it just to have it! Lol. I would do my wedding dress in that color, though. So pretty! And I completely agree with @ZoilaObregon ... she is a scary looking woman in that picture, where her head is tilted!
@marshalledgar Thanks but it's true, just look at her expression. I'm sure no one would like to see her in a dark alley somewhere
So glad you love it @raenel This would be a great dress for a formal gala @MyAffairWith
Looks nice but the models expression looks kinda scary
Very powerful, unapologetic, and dramatic. Fitting attire for a Queen.
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