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our Yg boys are literally my favorite thing to happen to the pink carpet!
there was one that looked like he did not belong and he also looked like he did not care lol our Gd twin Mino doesn't look very amused.
pinky pie =)
The host asked who has the best style, and while everyone pointed at one direction Nam Tae pointed at hemself lol !
I actually found it super annoying at how much they made the idols walk! it was ridiculous lol imagine the girls in heels?
host point out that Nam Tae looks like a vampire . I first tought he looked more like the matrix guy but vampire is hotter lol
I'm biased to Mino but look at these two!!!! soo cute!!!
Plus Mino wanted to be home -_- the faces lol I mostly watched till I saw Winner, Gd was not in Korea so he did not make it and overall the show was pretty boring and obscure in some parts. Our kpop idols looked great tho and winner performed and got a style piggy award as well. (I love winner, I did not edit or spell check this card. I don't take an hour doing one any more nor will I tag because no one cares blah blah blah. )
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