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Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch shook the Internet today as he released some AWESOME images of political candidates as Pokemon. These were super creative and well designed. Catch a couple of his images below!
Bernie sanders as Charizard
Ted Cruz as Hypno
Donald Trump as Muk Which was your favorite Pokemon political candidate remake?
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@Straightshooter No, there are times albeit very rare when it fails to transition. It also is a much less what it used to be considered.
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I comprehend the evils committed, I also realize that Trump not even five years ago was very much a Democrat and shared many beliefs with socialists. He's now running as a Republican using hatred and bigotry to garner votes and promising many things he couldn't possibly do.
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Yea when they fail to translation they result in a "revolution" that usually results in some sociopath getting power. And if he dont deliver then his ass will be gone in 4 years. And if he does like you say then we get 4 nore years of obama which will either way make america ripe for a new revolution cause our government is to out of control now. It needs to be brought under control and shrunk to fear we the people rather than us fearing it. George Washington had it right when he said when a government that fears the people their is liberty. When the people fear the government there is liberty.
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And its funny cause if he was truly as liberal as everyone keeps saying he is then you would think liberals woild love him to win the nomination because then it would be a win win for them. But something tells me it wont be but thats all in the future, we arnt there yet lol
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Go Burnie! Flame thrower!
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