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Your day goes by in sort of a hazy blur. Multiple times you catch yourself reaching up and fingering his earrings in your ears. The memory of his warm embrace that morning replays again and again. You are amazed that you have managed to get any work done at all. By the time five o’clock hits you’re a bundle of nerves from anticipation. You shake your head; it isn’t like you haven’t spent other evenings with him. His ‘doing something’ is probably just starting another Kdrama. For as many OST’s the man has sung you would think he would have seen one or two. You haven’t even heard from him all day, he has probably had something come up and you’ll spend your night like every other, reading alone. Seon-Ki isn’t by the front doors when you walk off the elevator. You check your phone, no texts; maybe he’s just running late? You walk out the front doors to look up and down the street. Parked where Seon-Ki normally is, there is a shiny red sports car. Did he park somewhere else? As you check the time again, the driver’s door opens and out steps Junsu. He comes around to hold the passenger door open, smiling as you just stand there. He makes a sweeping gesture with a bow, letting you know that your carriage awaits. You roll your eyes at him as he helps you in and shuts you inside. “Where are we going?” He shrugs, “Just back to penthouse.” You turn in your seat to look at him, “Not that I’m complaining, but why did you pick me up instead of Seon-Ki?” He laughs, “I wanted to. I’m the boss.” He looks in his rear view mirror and points, “Do-yun never far away.” Glancing back you see a black SUV two cars behind. “Good day?” “Yes, you?” “Mm.” You focus out the window, is there ever going to be a time before you leave that there isn’t an awkward silence between you? “Choice on dinner?” he asks as you step off the elevator. “Not really,” you shake your head. “Do I have time to exercise before it gets here?” “Yes,” he smiles and follows you into the penthouse. As you wander off down the hall you can hear him busy on his phone. You are just about to start your warm ups with the music at vibrate level. You wouldn’t hear if anyone came in; you wouldn’t see them either as most of your warm ups focus on breathing, so your eyes are closed. When your music turns down low enough to be almost off, you glance up to see Junsu standing by the controls. “Everything okay?” “Yes, you concentrating, I didn’t want to frighten you.” You smile, “Thank you.” “Could I join you?” he asks as he gives you a sideways glance. “Join me? Like you want to be on the machines or ?” “Dancing. If you excuse, I have seen you dance on monitor once or twice. I can keep up," he smirks, "I know my own dances." You are totally surprised. He wants to dance with you? You aren’t anywhere near the level of the people he dances or practices with. “They aren’t all your dances, and some songs aren’t the full dance. I sometimes; kind of make up my own stuff. But why? I mean, I’m not exactly up to your level.” “Level?” he frowns but suddenly gets it, “Ah, no I also exercise with dance, not just sports. Here to just have fun. Is alright?” Well it’s his house, you shrug, “Sure, do you want different music?” “No. Music is a reflection of you, dancing shows who you are; your wants and desires from inside, your soul. But can we restart? I need warm up.” You nod and watch as he restarts your playlist. He slows raises the volume, wincing a little as it nears where you had it. “I’ve never screamed in my own ear,” he jokes as he pretends to shake it. He walks over to the wall by the door, pushes a panel and flips a switch inside. You’ve never noticed that one of the panels moves;he catches you staring in puzzlement. He just smiles and points at the cameras; “Off. More comfortable no?” Your eyes become the size of saucers and he outright laughs. You could have turned off the cameras?!?! The security guys are dead meat. It was weird at first, dancing with someone else in the room. A talented, hot, and buff someone else you add as the first thing he does is take off his button down shirt. He starts to stretch in the tank top from underneath. Finding places for your eyes to go in a mirrored room is not going to be easy. Your playlist includes: BTS, SPEED, SHiNEE, Boyfriend, JJ Project, Block B, EXO, History, and of course, XIAH. Xiah in DBSK, Xiah in TVXQ, Xiah in JYJ, and Xiah solo; you sigh, oh well. He proves why he is famous as he picks up on the dances really quickly. You begin to wonder if one of his groups had been the typical guy group and imitated other group dances. He stops and pauses for a minute when the chorus of SPEED’s Don’t Tease Me comes on. He then stands laughing in the middle of the floor, as you dance around him. Pretending to smack him, turn your back to him, and smacking your butt. He is almost on his knees in tears when the song changes and you lean over, “Lazy”. After a few more songs you challenge him, leaning in and telling him, “Imitate Girls Day, Something”. It’s your turn to fall on the floor in laughter as he starts doing feminine body rolls, rubbing leg squats and the expected leg crawl and bounce. He does a feminine swish past you and whispers “Lazy.” When Tarantallegra starts he immediately reminds you who the boss is. His eyes grab yours in the mirror and holds them; challenging you to dance even the female parts. Just to prove you aren’t the chicken you showed yesterday, you accept. At just the right time, you start with the rolls and skims along his body, touching and raking your fingernails across his chest. He smiles at your actions but it quickly fades. Songs are starting to be on the cool down side; you are curious to see if he knows and will do History’s Just Might Die with you. Once more eyes are glued to each other in challenge. He won’t win this one, you think; this is one of your all time favorites, you can do exactly what those boys do. When it comes to falling on your knees and doing the body roll, you look away and totally get into it. You take a peek during the second body roll with shirt lift and are not disappointed as he lifts his shirt, emphasizing those beautiful chocolate abs. You are alone in the jump and grind, and a look of pride crosses his face when you execute it perfectly; he even claps for you. He doesn’t need to know it took you over six months and a trampoline to get it down. The only song left on the playlist now is his Intoxication. You get up to turn it off but stop when he grabs you by the arm. You raise your eyebrow, huh? He leans in so you can hear him, “You know this dance?” You nod of course, but his hot breath on your neck is suddenly very distracting. “Mirror me,” he states and steps back. No longer is there a mirror connecting your gazes; now there is no mistaking the heat in either of your glances. Mirror dancing this song is like dancing a hot tango without touching. As if he can’t help it, he starts singing along at the chorus. Being female, you change some of the moves to be a more feminine response to his male ones. While he executes his move on the floor, you stand above with figure eights and hip circles. At the end of the song, you are less than 3 inches apart, eyes locked; your breath coming in short pants. You knew dancing had this power; the power to set your soul free and remove inhibitions. You have never been so turned on. It’s like your souls have done a mating dance and simply dragged your bodies along. He reaches out to touch just as you lean in. His mouth comes down on yours, gently testing, inquiring. The second your hands touch his arms and your mouth responds; all tests are done. He pulls you in the last three inches, his hand holding the back of your head in place as he begins to devour your mouth. Life actions begin to mimic choreography as you’re swept away in touch, taste, and feeling. It matters not that the music has ended; there is nothing in your world but this man, his hands, and his lips. Closer, you just want him closer and are becoming frustrated that close isn’t close enough. Behind you the practice room door flies open, it hits and bounces off the wall.
Thank you @MariaMontoya1 ... its in process, I had to finish Part 17 of Go'ing'fer Him before someone shot me lol.
loved it, but who ever opened that door is bout to be shot lol
when will 16 be?? this is so good!