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I have hardly dented this book, and I am not even a big fan of Johnston's syntax, but that is not to undermine his ability to fit profound ideas into a mystery/thriller novel. I know we hear sayings like the above quote all the time. From Nike to Shia Labeauf, many renditions of "Just do it" exist, but it hit me hard when I read it in this book. First of all, I think the context was unexpected and so very important. Seeing someone train for a sport in a shirt that says "Just do it", or seeing a meme with Shia's face on it that says the same, doesn't actually impact me, because I have become decensitized to hearing the phrase in the same contexts over and over again. Reading in a book, this book, was unexpected, so it caught my attention. More importantly, I relate to the context of the quote within the book. The mother has lost her daughter, her livlihood, and she is running out of hope of ever getting it back, so how does she go on? She just does. She gets up. She struggles. She fades into the noises in her head and she feels like she is dying, but she just keeps going. I have not lost my daughter, of even my mother or one of my sisters, but I have lost. I have felt weighed down and I have felt tempted to sink, but I have to keep going. How? By doing it. There is a song lyric which says, "I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim." So do I.
I was raised Christian, and what do people tell me to do when I feel lost and hurt? They tell me to pray. God will help. God will bring comfort. I don't know what god they are praying to, but I think I need to try that one, because mine isn't working. I tried so hard for so long to be a good Christian, but why try when you feel hurt and lost either way? God asks us to bear loss, death, pain, tragedy, betrayl, and misery. And for what? I do not intend to insult anyone who is religious or finds solace in a higher being, in fact I applaud you for being brave enough to take that leap of faith, but I ask you not to look down on me for my disbelief, because going it alone is scary as hell. Again, I am always wanting to hear what you guys think about the quotes I use or the things I write, so comment below or message me! Don't be afraid to ask me anything either. If I don't want to answer, I won't, but I probably will, so no harm done!
After i got going in that book i really enjoyed it! @ButterflyBlu
I really want to read this now. I looked it up and it looks really good!