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I decided to call on the Angels for their healing to @BBxGD.
photo also added to instagram: @khryss62185
Below is an explaination of each color of candle (some of the colors you can't see below my minora since they are the tiny heart shaped votives at the base) Blue (pale): Haniel, who helps women with their feminine health, and assists with clairvoyance. Purple: Zadkiel, the archangel who helps us improve our memory and mental functioning. Green (bright emerald): Raphael, the healing archangel. Green (pale): Chamuel, the archangel of peace who helps us find whatever we’re looking for. Red: Jophiel, who helps us beautify our thoughts and life. Pink (pale):Ariel, who helps with animals, nature, and manifestation. Indigo Blue: Michael, who gives us courage and protection. Violet (reddish purple): Jeremiel, who helps us heal our emotions. Yellow: Uriel, the archangel of wisdom. White: Gabriel, who helps messengers and parents. The silver candle in the center is @BBxGD, this shows her importance and with her angels around her she has nothing to fear.
here is one of my favorite songs for you to listen to. feel better girl!
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@KhrystinaLee I think you're right. It's weird because always through someth8ng like this is when people pull together to support one another and its a beautiful thing!
@KhrystinaLee can you tell me more because i honestly find this interesting
@MarrickeJ33 I Like learning new things too lol
@twistedPuppy ask me anything you want. working with the Angels is honestly a new thing for me though. it's rare that I do it.