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Did you catch that at the end of Boruto?!? (Spoiler)
okay so I've been re-watching Boruto the movie and omg at the end when Mitsuki says Orochimaru is his parent and it zooms out when Boruto screams did u notice the person on the roof?!? If u did great lol but i just barely did....and now I'm arguing with my friend if it Orochimaru or nah Help me out here what do you think
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that looks like orochimaru
a year ago·Reply
It's clearly Orochimaru. I read it on wikia
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@yaminoyuki Neji's ghost watching over his family... or his nephews... Hyuga sibling dynamics are odd.
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It is, in fact, Orochimaru. If you read Naruto Gaiden, you will discover that Orochimaru made himself younger (not going to say anymore because of spoilers) and created a new appearance for himself. Although his appearance is not a drastic change for Orochimaru, he does put his hair in a ponytail.
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omg is neji why neji have to dieeeee!😳😞
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