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Hello community and followers! First of all, let me apologize for the delay on these drawings. I know last month I said I was done with my hiatus and would post more drawings, but oops. It's not like I haven't been drawing, it's just life happens. Drawings are back on board and to make up for the delay I was planning on taking a request, but then I went like: I don't do that. BUT someone did ask me for a drawing a LONG time ago and I said I would think about it (because I don't do requests) I actually have and I've come to the conclusion that I'd do it. So good job @Danse -san. My favorite manga has been completed so I was weeping for the past couple of weeks (because I've been in denial) and have been drawing characters from it since so those will get posted soon. By the way, this drawing took me for ever! The stupid shirt was so hard to ink in it nearly drove me insane. «[*glares at drawing*]» «[you're lucky that I love you]» One Punch Man: Speed Of Sound Sonic Filter: B&W/Strange
Well shoot, take your time then. I can understand that completely. Just remember to sign it! Gotta mark your art with a stamp of approval. No better way than that. (ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑
@Danse Yes, I am (*˘︶˘*) it's been long overdue. Not sure when I'll get to post it because I am too much of a perfectionist so if it doesn't look legit I rage lol
*Blinks* You... are going to take my request on drawing Gintoki from Gintama? Really? O__O *inner squeals attack* >:D Yesshhh.