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Instagram's new favorite obsession.

Step aside, Taylor Swift! Your BFF Selena Gomez has taken the crown as the most followed person on Instagram with a total of 69.7M followers. The pop singer is just shy of an impressive 70M followers now beating out Taylor Swift (2), Kim Kardashian West (3), Ariana Grande (4), and Beyoncé (5). If you take a scroll through Gomez's pictures, you'll quickly notice why she's so social media famous. She's gorgeous, her clothes are amazing, she's talented, she's worldly, and she's surrounded by more gorgeous people. But most importantly she seems relatable.
Part of her relatable persona has been created thanks to her BFF Taylor Swift who is so exclusive that you feel that you somehow belong because she's still very public. Gomez is the same way being very interactive with fans yet at an arms length away. However when she's posting videos of getting a McDonald's happy meal, it's something so funny because you do the exact same thing which is part of her allure. The Instagram beauty will continue to see her follower count soar as multiple publications have posted about her claiming the crown. Gomez has more followers than some countries have people.
Congratulations, Miss Gomez!
Here are the top 10 most followed Instagram users:
1. Selena Gomez : 69.7M
2. Taylor Swift : 69.3M
3. Kim Kardashian West : 63.8M
4. Ariana Grande : 63.4M
5. Beyoncé : 63.2M
6. Justin Bieber : 61.7M
7. Kylie Jenner : 54.4M
8. Cristiano Ronaldo : 51.7M
9. Kendall Jenner : 51.6M
10. Nicki Minaj : 50.6M
*Fun Fact: The most followed account on Instagram is Instagram itself at 144M followers.
who the eff follows instagram??😲
Haha I bet they rigged it so Instagram has the most followers!