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This is my first card. I have been putting off making a card because I was nervous.... I am not the best at grammar and spelling, but I really wanna get involved more. I started to leave more and more comments. Plus, talking more with people on here.
I hope this card won't be my last! I have a lot to talk about!! Like how I am so pumped for the new Captain America movie or about how ERASED (the anime) got me hooked!!! And that is just the stuff I can think of off the top of my head. So thank you everyone who has been super nice to me so far. This is a really great website!!
I'm so happy to see a you're first post! Welcome my friend it's good to meet you! You're going to meet a lot of great people and make a lot of new friends and I'm excited to see more and more cards for you!
@AmieeH it's gonna be great movie and I can't wait for the movies to follow. and all the merch!! who cares about saving money!! @lexysan I shall take your blessing and blossom into a super cool vingle flower.. too much anime on the brain
Hello! Welcome to Vingle!! Don't be shy! We are all so friendly! c: I too am ready for the new movie.
I'm look long forward to seeing more from you and don't worry I have bad grammar to so your good
welcome to vingle!!
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