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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have FINALLY gone on a vacation together and the internet is obsessed. The romantic couple just recently celebrated their one year anniversary, which was celebrated with Calvin Harris posting a snapchat video of a "one-year cake". Harris also gave Swift a golden locket necklace that she's been sporting ever since. ADORBS.
Though the couple haven't released their location, it definitely looks like the perfect island escape getaway hopefully away from the fans and paparazzi. The pairing also look like they are having fun with a giant water trampoline, jet skis, and writing their names in the sand. This could practically be a movie.
Swift, 26, and Harris, 32, have slowly made their relationship more public as time has gone on but this time Swift shared a photo of their passionate kiss confirming any doubts of a relationship. While the rest of the world has been swooning over the Bachelor finale this week, no one can top the love of two pop stars.
Everyone is glad you two FINALLY got to go on vacation! Enjoy yourselves!

Are Swift and Harris a cute couple?

Ugh, they are actually really cute! But this makes me want to take a beach vacation!
This is why I could never be a celebrity (well, one of the MANY reasons haha) I love to travel to busy places - I wouldn't like ot have to go somewhere really deserted to be alone. Too bad neither of them can really blend in with a crowd anymore. Glad they are enjoying it though!