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Yugyeom sat down across from you and you slid his coffee towards him. He gave you a thankful smile as he took the cup into his hands and sipped until the sweet substance was gone. The driver arrived sooner than expected. You and Yugyeom quickly got dressed and into the car so you could head back home. Yugyeom already had a long day of scheduling even though he had just gotten back. You had a lot to talk about with him. The fight you had the previous night was brief and you still had a lot to say on the matter, but with the driver being able to hear everything and Yugyeom having a busy day ahead of him you decided to save the conversation for later. " what the hell were you thinking coming back home this late?" your mother said as you walked through the door. " Umm hello to you too?" "y/n, you have an audition downtown in less than 40 minutes I've been calling you all morning." " OH MY GOD." you ran up to your room to change your clothes, you pulled your hair up into a ponytail and rushed back downstairs. Your mom was already waiting in the car. You were in complete panic mode. Your heart was beating at super speed, your nerves were at an ultimate high, you couldn't remember any part of the dance choreography you had prepared and all you could hope for was that you would even make it on time. You hopped out of the car before your mom could even put it in park. You were only three minutes late, but you were sure that would be enough to cost you the audition. " I am so sorry I'm late, there was a car accident on the way here and we had to take a ten minute detour, I tired to get here as fast as I could." you started rambling on as you entered the audition building. One of the women working with the company you were auditioning for walked towards you " The last group just went in I can ask them if they'll let you join." she said to you " OK thank you" you said in distress. She quickly poked her head back out from the audition door and gestured for you to enter. As if you weren't already a nervous wreck, when you entered through the door a line of people auditioning, the camera man, plus the four people that were there to judge you all gave you a death glare as you entered. You did a slight bow as you entered, said hello, then hid behind the line of people waiting to do their audition. The judges called up all the dancers to come forward and present what they had prepared. You all danced to whatever song they played for you. You threw out the best moves you had practiced. After three songs they had you all stand in a line again, you watched as the judges looked up at the line of people then back down to each person's resume. The four judges talked quietly amongst themselves and exchanged papers. Then finally they excused all of the dancers except for one girl that looked as of she were already some huge Kpop star. You walked out a different door from the one you came in. It lead down a hallway. On the left was a bathroom and on the right was the exit to the front of the building, you didn't have the power to face your mom yet so you headed to the bathroom. You hadn't had a chance to really look at yourself when you had to rush out of the house, but this bathroom mirror was now showing you why you were asked to leave the audition. Your hair looked greasy and knotty in the messiest ponytail you'd ever worn. You still had on makeup from the day before and it was evident that it was from the day before, but the worst part was the dark red and blue hickeys that were slain across your neck. Putting your hair up only made them more noticeable. Your wrists even had a slight bruising to them from the hand cuffs. You just looked an utter mess. You ran into one the stalls and just began to cry your eyes out. You could hardly catch you breath with how hard you were crying. You felt your phone start to buzz in your pocket. It was of course Yugyeom. " Hey I have a quick ten minutes before I have to start this radio interview and I just wanted to check on my baby. So last night was fun hu?" You gripped the phone tighter in your hands and just took a deep breath. You went to say something, but then just hung up. You dropped your head into your hands as you tried to gather yourself. Your phone began to buzz again, Yugyeom, so you just turned it off completely. You washed your face at the sink and met your mom back outside " How did it go? Did you make it in time?" your mom asked in her loving nature " yeah they let me audition, but i don't think I got it. Can we just go home?" you asked in a very disappointed tone. You let your hair back down to cover the hickeys and you hoped that your mom hadn't noticed them before. You just listened to some music and cleaned you room up a bit when you got home. You weren't really the mood to do anything, not even take a nap. You just wanted to listen to sad music with your windows open. You layed on your floor just staring and the ceiling thinking about nothing. You had the sudden urge to know what time it was and then you remembered you had turned your phone off. Once you were back to your home screen your phone buzzed repeatedly at the missed calls, missed texts, and missed voicemails you had over the two hours you had your phone shut off. All from Yugyeom. Each text, each voicemail, all saying "are you ok? What happened? Y/n are you ok? Talk to me! Y/N!" As you were going through dismissing all of your missed calls and voicemails Yugyeom began to call you again. After the fourth ring you picked up. " hey." you said calmly "Y/N Jesus Christ what happened? I've been calling you all morning. Why did you hang up on me earlier?" Yugyeom said franticly "I'm sorry this morning just became more than I could handle and I knew I would be a hysterical mess if I talked to you. I promise I'm fine now, but can I just call you later I'm still in a depressed mood." "Well what happened? You were fine in the car." " yeah can I just talk about in later Yugy, I really just want to not think about it right now. I promise I'll be fine." you said to him " Ok, I'll pick you up tonight and we can go get your favourite chi tea. Is that alright?" Yugyeom asked in such a gentle and caring way you smiled " yeah that would be fine Yugyeom, I'll see you tonight." " Ok, stay happy my beautiful." " bye Yugy." "goodbye y/n." You got dressed up little by little throughout the day. Watch some videos then put on some makeup. Have lunch then do your hair. Yugyeom texted you at nine o'clock that he was outside of your house. He greeted you with a hug then opened the door for you on the passenger side. He still didn't have his license so you had no idea how anyone let him come pick you up, but you didn't really care. He talked about all the stuff he did with his day since you both agreed on saving your story for the coffee shop. You ordered your drinks then found a perfect spot in the back corner where no one could hear you. Yugyeom held your hand and softly ran his thumb across your knuckles " so what happened to you today?" Yugyeom asked with concern on his face " I forgot I had an audition early this morning, so after you dropped me off i had to rush getting dressed, I barely made it on time and I looked a complete mess when I got there, I didn't even know until after that I had all of my hickeys on full display to the judges and I could have danced better I think, but I was just mentally unprepared and when you called me I just was balling in the bathroom and talking to you would have just made it worse. I mean that was my first audition Yugyeom and I just completely fucked it up and it makes me so much more nervous for this audition I have in the next few days." " Well I wish you would have talked to me so I could have helped you, I am your boyfriend y/n. I'm here for more than just having sex and buying you tea." Yugyeom chuckled. You half smirked. " That's the other thing that was bothering me today. Last night....was. It was a lot Yugyeom." You paused to look him in the eyes. You tried to build up your courage to say what had been on your mind for a while now. You put your tea down to hold both of his hands. You let out a hard breath before speaking " Yugyeom I've been thinking this for a while now and what happened last night just gives me more validation for my thinking so don't try to convince me otherwise. I can't do this anymore. As much as I was sure I wanted to be with you and I was doing everything I could to adjust to your preferences in the bedroom I just can't. And after bombing that audition today I realised that I've just been focusing on the wrong things. I've been doing everything I can to make sure I make you happy that I forgot to make myself happy. This is what I was trying to talk about last night but we got a bit...distracted. I'm sorry Yugyeom. I don't want this to end honestly, but I just don't know how much more of this I can take." you gestured to the bruises around your wrists. Yugyeom looked at your wrists and you could see his eyes start to swell with tears. He grabbed your wrists and layed them back down on the table. "I love you." He stared you directly into your eyes and you felt like he was looking inside of you, like he could see past your skin and straight to your soul. Like he was telling your soul that he loved it. You could feel his words settling in your chest. " you don't have to say any thing," he said to you," you just have to know that I love you y/n. I could tell that you weren't really enjoying yourself when we had sex, and I just wanted to make you feel good, but I guess I just can't. I wish I could be the greatest boyfriend you ever have, but I'm just not I guess. It fucking sucks because you're the best thing that's happened to me but if I'm not what makes you happy then I don't want you to be with me either. I'm so sorry I ever hurt you, I was just really hoping you would adjust to my kind of sex. I agree, I think you should do what makes you happy." One tear fell on to his cheek. " I hate to have to lose you y/n because you are my whole fucking world now, but I could never live with myself if I knew you could be happier without me." You kissed Yugyeom's knuckles and you felt a tear roll down your cheek too. " I love you too Yugyeom. And don't think that I've been miserable this whole time because I think you will honestly be the best boyfriend I will ever have. I promise that well still talk and everything, but I just need to be myself for a while." you smiled through you tears and Yugyeom did the same. You both stood up and stared at each other for a few seconds. You leaned in and gave him a gentle peck on the lips. " Good bye Yugyeom." " Good bye. I love you." he said " I love you too Yugyeom." you said truthfully as you walked out of that coffee shop that had started it all for you two, and was now ending it all. You had never cried so hard in your life until that night, but you were thankful that when the thought of Yugyeom would pop in your head, it would be his smile. ************************THE END**************** ****ahhhh it's done. My first ever fic is done. I'd like to write more, but we'll just have to see. Thank you for reading and waiting, and make sure to read parts 1-3***** oh and sorry if the ending was really sad, I felt the need to make you want to cry. I hope I succeeded >.< lol @MykelHobbs @Orihemay @PliaVaj @luna1171 @merryjane13 @SusiBosshammer @tinafalcon22 @DeniseiaGardner @kpopdeluxgirl @KaeliShearer @AmberFranco
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Waee!! it's was reaally good tho😋 and it literally made me cry😢 it waz just... ughh . it's still good tho👍