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He lets you lead him up the stairs to his bedroom but stops you once through the door. “Jagi, you don’t have to do this. You don’t owe me anything. Get back in bed,” and he holds the covers up, “I’m going back downstairs.” Instead of climbing under the covers you reach over and wrap your arms around his waist. You can feel him tense up, he drops the blankets to unlatch your arms. You slide them up and down his back as you lean forward and start placing little kisses across his chest. “Who said I didn’t want this?” you mumble between kisses. He is now less tense, but still hasn’t moved. You take that last step closer and standing on your tip toes you start to nibble on his collar bone. His eyes close and he flings his head backward, you can hear a growl start deep in his throat. He suddenly steps back from you, pinning you with his gaze. “Jagi, I’m not a stone! If you don’t stop now, I won’t be able to. Is this really what you want?” You can see the fire mixed with desperation in his eyes. Denying himself for you, while his body is telling you loud and clear what it really wants. You reach up to stroke his tormented face, a soft smile playing on your lips. You lean in and whisper against his lips, “It’s what I really want.” There’s a brief flicker of relief in his eyes before he caves in and drags you up fully against him in a searing kiss. The heat between you has been smoldering all day. It takes just the spark of that kiss to send you both up in flames. As his focus is on your mouth, you explore the feel of muscles under his skin as he moves and caresses you. He reaches down and lifts you, heat to heat. As you wrap your legs around his waist, your hands find and fist in his hair. When he starts nibbling on your neck, you throw your head back with pleasure and unbalance him. He chuckles as he shifts, turns, and lays you down on the bed. He balances himself on his forearms as he settles himself perfectly on top of you. You never thought you’d welcome the weight of another person on top of you, but it feels too right to be a problem. You will always remember the look on his face as he smoothes the hair from you face and leans down to kiss you. Nothing else matters in the world right now; not a crazy anti-fan, not losing all your possessions. Nothing matters but the here and now, and how amazing the man in your arms feels. Well maybe, how much you’re growing to love him. When the alarm rings, two sets of moans come from the tangled mass in the middle of the bed. “Oh God, I knew you were going to kill me.” You reach over and pinch him, “Excuse me? Who kept waking up who? I’m injured remember? I needed my sleep.” You glance playfully over your shoulder at the tousled head snuggled up against your back. “Mm, you didn’t act injured; maybe I should re-examine you,” he mumbles as his fingers start a tickle attack. You scream and scramble for the side of the bed but he’s faster. He pulls your squealing body back onto the bed and quiets your mouth with his own. After several sizzling minutes, you pull away enough to ask, “Aren’t we going to be late?” He stops his assault briefly to mention, “Nope, I set it an hour early.” To which you laugh as his mischievous face disappears under the covers. Thoughts of the last several days don’t resurface until Junho pulls into the set parking lot. You look up at the warehouse and take a deep breath. He grabs your hand and brings it to his lips, “We got this. You won’t be out of sight all day, I promise.” He pulls your head forward and stares directly into your eyes; “You’re mine, I protect what’s mine.” He drops a brief kiss on your lips then gets out to open your door. “We’ll have a brief shopping spree after work today, okay?” He pulls at your shirt, “As much as I like this outfit, seeing it every day is asking too much.” He dodges the smack you were aiming at him and leaves you with the caterers to start your job. As employees start arriving for the day, you hand them their coffees and accept their concerns over your still colorful face. Right before the rest of 2PM is to arrive, the director calls you over to his little pow- wow group. You grab your tool belt on the way and step up in time to hear; “Michele, you will continue with the regular gofer duties until we wrap everything up.” He turns to his PA; “And Lynette, I’ll need you to resume Michele’s duties.” Lynette starts to argue, but thinks better of it. Instead she asks the obvious question, “And who will do my job?” The director pulls you further into the circle and puts his arm around you, “Why this little girl right here.”
*sniffs the air* an attempted murderer is afoot.. it has to be either the girl that took my job or Missy with so much sass. I think, LoL you really post often. I really appreciate that, thank you. it's so good so I can never wait long. I go to your page often going to see the next installment to this story or a new story I love your writing.
@griseldazinger will you adopt me? lol
it's Lynette, I just know it lol *finding nemo* it's like your speaking to me, I just know it lol
can't help it, you're amazing.. you know what you be doing.. ;p it should be highly appreciated.
you just made my whole week @ElishaFisher