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Hey guys :)

I brought up my recent post about drinking in K-entertainment with some of my native Korean friends, and they had some really interesting feedback.

That got me thinking -

I know that many of us on Vingle are Korean or Korean American, but we're also very into the Kpop world. Why not ask some K-entertainment related questions to some Koreans that aren't really "in the know" when it comes to the Kpop fandom?
For example, when I talked about drinking and its affect on the audience - my friends said that they actually never thought that was weird. It's just how TV has always been so they don't really think its a problem.
Another interesting point: In Korea, more conservative people think it isn't feminine to share your emotions freely. For example, a girl shouldn't confess her love openly and confidently (that's more of a manly thing) That's why in dramas or in advertisements, you see girls getting drunk and speaking their mind because when you're drunk its okay and a little "cute" to slip up and say things like "I love you."

So, if you have any Korean cultural questions or questions about their views on the K-entertainment industry, ASK AWAY!

I'll get a few of my friends' opinions and post them, and then our Korean Vinglers can also chime in!*

Leave some ideas in the comments and I'll pick a few to start off!

Or just comment below if you're interested :D

*Their opinions only represent a smaaaaaall percentage of Koreans, just like if you asked 3 Americans for their opinion on a huge issue so please keep this in mind :)
what do koreans think about how sexy kpop has gotten? i know most americans dont think much about it but ive heard alot of knetizens complaining about it. just cuz they havent really been exposed to it like we have. also what are some interesting things about the korean culture? i hope i dont sound dumb or rude i just have never asked anyone things about their culture and stuff haha
why are foreigners in k dramas represented as angry, Is that what most koreans think about foreigners? also, interracial dating isn't seen on a lot of dramas, is that looked down upon? just some questions to start the ball rolling lol tag me
i want to know how do you know a korean guy is really into you some signals.. I'm just to curious ㅋㅋ please tagg me on these will be fun to read and ask! ^^
*sigh* I wish I was at least a quarter Korean....
I'm sure it probably depends on the person, but what is the difference between a Korean guy being a gentleman, and Korean guy being flirty?
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