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Cherry Blossom Frappuccinos Are Coming To The US This Week!

Japan always get all the coolest menu items. If you go to McDonald's right now, you can get a honey-lemon milkshake, and at Japan's Burger King, you can get fresh fruit acai bowls! However, unless you're a tourist or already in the country, chances are getting your hands on Japan's exclusive menu items is next to impossible.

Well, until this week. Particularly March 20th - when Starbucks Japan's Cherry Blossom Frappuccino comes to the US!

Starbucks-frenzied foodies who have already tried the new blended beverage describe it as 'spring in a cup'!

But Starbucks describes it as "a delicious blend of sweet strawberries and cream, striped with white chocolate sauce and matcha drizzle and topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of matcha."
Starbucks adds that while there is a slight variation between the Japanese and American product, the new drink is still undoubtedly "inspired by the pink cherry blossoms that are a symbol of spring and the Sakura Blossom & Strawberry Frappuccino that is available in Starbucks stores in Japan."

So who else is excited for the new drink?

I just got it today and it was actually delish!!! 😋 but seriously I want to go to Japan one day and eat everything I can lol
@Animaniafreak I'll taste some for you and report back!
OMG I'm def getting one! Why does Japan have all the cool stuff!
Again Aussies get left out.... (holding back tears) I'll never know the sweetness of a cherry blossom frappaccino
@CreeTheOtaku Hopefully you'll enjoy it then. :))
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