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There's a new web series coming out soon and it's starring none other than my ultimate bias, CHA HAKYEON!

Here is Hakyeon's introduction:

Name: Ahn Taepyeong

"Visual Explosion"

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Profession: High School Student

Due to a car accident, he lost both of his parents. He now lives with his grandma and is responsible for caring for her and his 3 younger siblings.

He's a part-time job maniac! He does it all!

I am actually going to watch this one you guys, I SWEAR!

For the "Ahn Taepyeong Intro," you can watch it HERE
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@JamiMilsap Right?! lol I'm over here like "WHY I NO FLUENTEU?! 😭😭😭"
yes i heard about this i cannot wait to watch it! i think its supposed to be out mid march right? do you know how long it would take to get english subtitles though by chance?
that loos like it's gonna be a good one
@kpopandkimchi When does it come out? I can't wait! I just finished Sassy Go Go and he was adorable in that. Not to mention VIXX is coming back soon. Hakyeon is spoiling us!!
This sounds super cool!